About Us


Earthchild Clothing is a South African national retailer and design house, offering natural and organic cotton clothing of the finest quality and comfort. The company's mission of creating fashion inspired by nature was born in a student apartment in Cape Town back in 1992, and has evolved into two market leading leisurewear brands, Earthaddict and Earthchild.

Fashion Inspired by Nature

Co-founder, Jonni Katz, recognised the untapped demand for high quality leisurewear produced from natural fibres. Earthaddict and Earthchild stay true to that original vision by designing classic, timeless garments that are modern, comfortable and made from high quality natural fabrics.

The design and supply chain teams oversee the entire manufacturing process, from sourcing the correct fabrics to designing and creating garments that our customers love to wear. By ensuring that we know exactly where all fabric and each piece of clothing is made, we create and maintain an ethical and transparent supply chain. We highlight that:

    -All collections are designed in-house by a passionate design team

    -We have direct relationships with all of our major suppliers, we visit them regularly and source the majority of our product in the Southern African regions of Mauritius and Madagascar

    -The majority of our garments are made from certified 100% organic cotton, we do not use blended organic fabrics and all garments are accurately labelled with the fabric composition

A Retail Oasis

We are passionate about delivering a superior and memorable customer experience, with our stores providing a theatre in which the product takes centre stage. In an increasingly generic and soulless retail landscape, we offer a shopping experience that has personality and character. In the hustle and bustle of today's fast-paced world, we offer discerning customers a retail experience with which they cannot help but fall in love.

For those who prefer to shop online, our online store offers the entire range available for the season, along with lookbooks and blogs to help you make an educated decision when purchasing Earthchild apparel.

Truworths International acquired 100% of the Earthchild business in March 2015.